Skip the spanking: Creative consequences for children

Posted at 3:55 AM, Apr 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-29 10:05:26-04

For a kid, punishments can feel like the end of the world, but as the years go on, the same punishments may not be as effective for children in today's world.

Long gone are the days of spankings and groundings but are less traditional, more creative consequences better for your children? Child and adolescent therapist Darby Fox, "Brand Mom" of, Karen Taylor-Bass and founder of, Kimberly Coleman talk about what moms are doing now to turn consequences into lessons.

Below are more tips from therapist Darby Fox: 

A creative punishment is good as long it correlates to teaching the child so they can learn from their mistake
· Traditional punishments of spanking, timeout and grounding, often don’t teach the child and aren’t disciplinary, but just punishment
· Consequences should be set out ahead of time, so if the child misbehaves, they know what to expect
· Parents need to follow through on warnings given to a misbehaving child regardless of age
· In the case of knocking ice cream out of the child’s hands is actually disruptive and it is an aggressive act, and doesn’t teach the child to be thankful
· In terms of the chore chart, it is a good idea because it sets out consequences for the child’s behavior and offers an opportunity for redemption
· With the car, the mother gave the warning and carried it out. However, it is an extreme measure and parents should know the long term impact of doing something radical