5-year-old girl paralyzed after doing backbend in living room

Posted at 3:50 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 15:51:54-04

PALOS VERDES, Calif. — Five-year-old Eden Hoelscher was left paralyzed from the waist down after doing a backbend in her Palos Verdes living room that damaged her spine.

According to the girl’s GoFundMe page, it was just before Christmas in 2015 when Eden did a bridge (a backbend where you push yourself up from the floor) on the living room floor and then collapsed crying.

Her mother comforted her but when she tried to stand her daughter up on the floor, Eden collapsed again and couldn’t pick herself up. She stopped crying and told her mom, “I feel like my feet are sleeping.”

“I looked at her body, which seemed to be posed awkwardly on the bed, and told her to move her leg. She stared at it, saying, “I can’t, Mom.”

The child was rushed to the hospital where she started her 52-day stay in the hospital where they learned that that backbend turned their “independent daredevil” into a paraplegic.

“That backbend, something she had done hundreds of times before, had hyperextended her spine and caused the artery that feeds her spinal cord to stop pumping blood, causing a stroke in her spinal cord. The extent of damage is unheard of,” he mother said.

The mother says her daughter’s bowels and bladder do not function and that her body cannot regulate its own temperature anymore.

But the aspiring ballerina isn’t letting the traumatic accident crush her spirit and she is determined overcome her injury, KTLA reported.

“Because of Eden’s spirit and resiliency, we have never lost hope in her full recovery,” her mother Kylee Hoelscher wrote on the a GoFundMe page.

Eden’s doctors are unable to fully explain how the simple backbend paralyzed her, citing it as a rare occurrence. Eden, who now uses a wheelchair, went back to school two months ago and her mother says her daughter “has not changed throughout this whole ordeal.”

“Anyone who encounters Eden, including doctors, nurses and therapists always have the same response: “If anyone can recover from this, it’s Eden,” Hoelscher posted.