New York breaks weather records as abnormally warm winter ends

Posted at 8:58 PM, Mar 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-01 21:02:47-05

AC Winter Warmth

NEW YORK – While astronomical winter ends later in March – meteorologically speaking – February 29th marked the end of winter, and it did so in historic fashion.

Albany had the warmest winter ever, as well as the least amount of snow. Since December, Albany only had around 10 inches of snow for this period. Keep in mind, New York City had 26.8 inches from the blizzard in January alone. If it wasn’t for that storm, the city would have only got 4.4 inches of snow.

New York City was close to setting its own record for winter warmth – despite the one day where temperatures went below zero as well as the late January blizzard. The average temperature of the 3 months together for the city was just half a degree short from reaching the record of the warmest winter ever recorded.

December was largely responsible for skewing the statistics.  That month was the warmest ever recorded with the average monthly temperature of 13.3 degrees above normal. January and February were also a few degrees above the normal but not as extreme as December.

Record warmth was recorded across New England. Average temperatures stretching from Caribou, Maine to Hartford, Connecticut were either the warmest or second warmest ever.

The record warmth wasn’t only limited to New England, other spots across the Northeast also broke records.