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Midtown pizzeria apologizes for serving controversial “Pic-a-Nika” slice

Posted at 4:16 PM, Aug 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-14 20:40:46-04

MIDTOWN, Manhattan— A midtown pizzeria that served a controversial slice called “Pic-a-Nika”, has apologized for having offended anyone by their name choice.

The pizzeria took to Twitter Friday to apologize for having offended anyone, as it was not their intent.
They also wrote, that they have changed the name of the pizza.

A viewer emailed PIX11 on Thursday saying he first noticed this slice of pizza saying he walked into his usual lunch spot at Pizza by Certé on 56th and Lexington Avenue when he was shocked by what was on display as the “pizza of the month.”

The slice featured toppings such as Southern fried chicken, sea-salted watermelon, and sunflower seed crust with arugula, goat cheese, ricotta, and bleu cheese.

“I went there today and there was a new pizza that they are selling called “pic-a-nika” which sounded very horrible when I read it. It was when I read the description I knew that the name was in fact racist,” the viewer wrote.

For a more in depth explanation from the restaurant, see below.