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FAA investigates third drone sighting in three days near JFK Airport

Posted at 7:22 AM, Aug 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-03 07:22:04-04

JAMAICA, Queens – More concerns at JFK Airport after a series of midair drone sightings, making three over the weekend.

Two separate flight over JFK spotted drones flying too close for comfort on Friday, prompting warning's from the Department of Homeland Security that would be terrorists could use drones to attack the public. Another was spotted Sunday near the Queens hub.

The concern among security officials is the possibility that recreational drones could dangerous side of the coin is the threat to commercial jetliners.

Senator Charles Schumer over the weekend called for tough FAA rules on drones, as well as geofencing software that could prohibit a done to fly higher than 500 feet, and keep it two miles away from any airport or sensitive area.

Both of those flights landed safely without having to take evasive action on Friday, and the drone sightings are being investigated by both the Port Authority and the FAA.

The Federal Agency says nationwide it gets at least two drone sightings reports from pilots daily. Right now, drones are not supposed to fly within five miles of an airport without notifying the control tower and they are not supposed to fly higher than 400 feet.

Those rules however are constantly being broken.