Get a look at the NYC “Best Asphalt” contest

Posted at 2:14 PM, Jul 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-25 14:14:00-04

A giant paving project is happening along the FDR Drive in Manhattan. But another stretch of road is worth watching.

In October 2014, the NYC Department of Transportation installed three different types of asphalt and used different processes along a stretch of West Fingerboard Road between Steuben Street and Radcliff Road on Staten Island.

The NYC DOT reports, as of a 6-month performance evaluation, the pavement sections with "crumb rubber asphalt" mixtures performed well throughout the harsh winter. Crews are watching for cracks, rutting and raveling in the regular and rubberized surfaces.

The agency is measuring traffic noise and says readings are down an average 30 percent with the wet process performing slightly better than the dry process.

The project along the FDR Drive in Manhattan will last into the Fall of 2015. It is being done overnights to limit the impact on traffic. Crews started in early July on the Northbound side and at least one lane is always open during the work.

Asphalt for the FDR Drive project is made at the city's asphalt plant. Other types are purchased from manufacturers.