‘You’re garbage’: Woman caught on camera berating parking garage worker

Posted at 8:41 PM, Jul 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-23 22:18:53-04

NEW YORK — A woman’s xenophobic rant at a New York City parking garage is making the rounds Thursday.

“Learn how to speak English, you f***ing idiot,” she said. “Learn how to speak English.”

She repeats several times that the attendant should “learn how to speak English” and calls him “garbage” over and over.

Video of the hateful rant was posted to LiveLeak by user Gary Donovan. Donovan notes that the exchange happened at a New York City parking garage but did not identify which one or say in which borough it occurred.

He said the woman and her girlfriend were several minutes late picking up their car from the garage and had to pay for the full hour.

“Rather than pay $15 like the rest of us, she decided to throw a fit,” he wrote.

At one point, the woman tells the attendant, "You won't have a job tomorrow, trust me."

But brand strategist Oz Sultan told PIX11 News the subject of this video maybe the one without a job as the footage gains popularity online.

"If someone finds her and where she works and decides to show it to her employer, and her employer actually doesn’t like this, she could lose her job and have other ramifications in her life," Sultan said.

The incident calls to mind an April altercation in which ESPN’s Britt McHenry similarly treated a parking lot attendant, belittling him, making fun of his physical appearance and questioning his education.