Man allegedly rapes woman while partner lies next to her ‘frozen in fear’

Posted at 11:06 AM, Feb 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-13 13:26:53-05
Tilfert D. Vaughn

Tilfert D. Vaughn

PHOENIX, Ariz. (PIX11) — A Phoenix man was arrested Sunday after investigators say he broke into a woman’s apartment and raped her while her unidentified partner already in her bed lay “frozen in fear” next to her.

Tilfert D. Vaughn, 54, snuck into the 27-year-old victim’s apartment, stripped his clothes and held a large serrated knife to her throat as he raped her in her bed, AZ Central reported.

“Now you have a baby. Bless it and take care of it,” he reportedly told her after the Nov. 5 attack.

The horrified person who was sleeping next to the victim woke up when Vaughn entered the bed. The person “struggled,” suffering severe wounds that required surgery to repair nerve damage, AZ Central reported.

Police said both victims feared Vaughn would kill them if they did not obey him.

Investigators also believe that Vaughn took several items from the apartment, including sunglasses, toiletries, beer and food.

Vaughn is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing next week.