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New preschool for adults coming to NYC, promises to be ‘magical’

Posted at 7:40 PM, Feb 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-09 19:40:31-05

PARK SLOPE (PIX11) -- When you’re 4-years-old, the sky is truly the limit. No stress, no responsibility and no drama because after all you’re just a kid.

It’s a period in time that Michelle Joni and Candice Kilpatrick are on a mission to give grown-ups the opportunity to re-discover.

The pair is launching a preschool -- for adults.

“It’s about taking the stresses of your life and the problems that you see and instead turning them into challenges or adventures,” Joni, the founder of Preschool Mastermind told PIX11 News.

“The goal is to approach [those problems] with perhaps that fearlessness, that innocence that you once had.”

Preschool Mastermind welcomes students 18 or older looking to relearn life lessons while reconnecting with their 5-year-old selves. The month-long course will include activities like finger painting, snack time and of course ... show and tell with a grown-up twist.

“We’re expecting people who are ready for something new to happen in their life,” Joni says. “It’s going to be magical.”

Kilpatrick, an assistant teacher with the preschool, insists the program is encouraging anyone from running away from problems but instead to approach them with a new outlook.

“I think there are so many things you can’t control about the world,” she said. “If your partner leaves you, you get laid off for example, but you can control how you let it make you feel.”

The application deadline for Preschool Mastermind is on Feb. 19. Classes are scheduled to start March 3 in Park Slope. Preschool sessions range from $333 to $999.

To get more information, visit their website at