Star of obnoxious drunken rant: ‘My dad owns half of Manhattan’

Posted at 7:52 AM, Jul 02, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-02 07:52:46-04

FLAT IRON DISTRICT (PIX11)--Everybody knows that when you are on the sidewalk of New York City everyone is watching and can be videotaping.

Last week, the owner of Pranna was so frustrated with some young drunk people on his sidewalk in front of his business that he turned the tables and recorded their bratty behavior.

The guy as you can hear multiple times claims to be the heir to "Half of Manhattan,"  now an instant viral hit. It's on Gawker, E-entertainment, Gothamist and  YouTube.

According to sources on the web, he is a New Jersey native who currently attends NYU.

His father is a garment industry executive and his mom is an event coordinator. Not exactly related to the Trumps.

But the father of his buddy—who can be seen in the background as he steals the show—does own a lot of real estate. Per the multiple sites , his pal is a real-estate tycoons son.

In the three minutes that feel to last a lifetime, the young man claims his family has influence over the NYPD and that he's even got close connections to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

He also says that he's a lawyer at one point, but the man behind the camera not fazed because after all this is a public sidewalk .