NYPD files NO charges after woman is hit, dragged by speeding car

Posted at 7:51 AM, Feb 20, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-20 07:58:43-05

BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Ofelia Berenger is a young woman who knows she’s lucky to be alive.  Last March a car smashed into her at the corner of 86th Street and 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  She was dragged across the intersection and suffered severe injuries.

The incident was captured on a surveillance camera. Take a look at the video.

“I had multiple fracture in both of my legs. My right arm. I suffered a stroke during the accident. I have two coils inserted in my arteries. I broke my nose and i lost half of my ear.”

It took months of rehab. And the Romanian immigrant still walks with a cane.  Part of the residual pain is that she says the NYPD never bothered to investigate the incident beyond the initial police report. And both she and her attorney believe the car that hit her was drag racing with another vehicle that fled the scene.

“The talk in the neighborhood was there were two cars. They were drag racing!”

A witness who owns the liquor store there agrees.

“There was two cars involved. There was definitely two cars racing!”

And Ofelia’s attorney, Michelle Laskin, says, “The people that witnessed this accident who saw the kids drag racing down the street said that they were taking cell phone videos at the time. So they were really doing this to show off, maybe put it on YouTube.”

The driver who hit Ofelia stopped. According to the police report he’s a 20-year-old named Amer Bakour of Brooklyn.  He was neither arrested nor charged.  And he wasn’t home when we came by to speak with him.   Ofelia’s and her attorney are pointing their fingers at the NYPD.

“I’ve never seen anything like this! And the problem is the police have completely stone-walled us,” says Michelle Laskin. ”

“How so?”

“There’s been no investigation. They didn’t investigate it that night. They didn’t question people in the neighborhood as to the identity of the other driver. They didn’t arrest the kid that did drag and strike Ofelia through the intersection. Nothing’s been done.”

“And you have no recollection of the accident whatsoever?” I asked Ofelia.

“Absolutely not.”

“So did the police ever speak with you while you were in therapy?”

” No. Nobody came.”

Ofelia has filed a lawsuit. Both Bakour’s attorney and the NYPD refused to comment, citing the pending litigation.

“I don’t know what happened that night. And I think I deserve to know.”