‘Like the surface of the moon’: NYC drivers describe pothole-ridden streets

Posted at 11:17 PM, Feb 19, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-19 23:17:06-05

NEW YORK (PIX11) – How does Sterling Jones describes the potholes of the winter of 2014? “This is the worst winter we’ve ever had and the potholes are horrible,” said Jones shortly after maneuvering his BMW past potholes that resembled the start of an excavation project.

It is no doubt rough out there for drivers, but New York City’s Department of Transportation is on it, albeit according to them.  The agency proudly boasted Wednesday that they have already repaired over 106,000 potholes in 2014, including more than 22,000 this past weekend. In fact, the agency is even filling holes on the FDR where New York State DOT is primarily responsible for its maintenance.  Nonetheless, they can’t fix everything.

Jones described what the commute was like in the northbound lanes at the 96th street exit of the FDR, “It looks just like the surface of the moon, full of holes, that is all I can think of, the surface of the moon and I’m trying to navigate my way through it to avoid an accident.”

“This is the worst ever,” said Robert Martinez, a tow truck driver  who started towing cars in 1980 when he was 17 years old.

Martinez took PIX11 for a ride in his truck, with its disco ball spinning of course, and shared his advice on how to steer clear of potholes:

“Stay in the middle lanes, because in the outer lanes that is where all the holes are.”

How bad are the potholes on the 96th street exit heading north bound on the FDR?  Well PIX 11 News found a discarded Ford hubcap in the snow along the jogging trail between the exit and the East River.  At one point that hubcap belonged to a tire, now it resembled the automotive version of a tombstone.  Coincidentally, it wasn’t alone, there were several more hubcaps lingering along the FDR, “You can see all the people’s hubcaps on top of the side of the road,” said Martinez.

Minutes after Martinez gave the PIX 11 News crew a tour, DOT crews showed up and began covering some holes, but Martinez says it can be a losing battle, “They patch them up, but for some reason they come right out.”