Tips prevent and help a New Year’s hangover

Posted at 9:15 AM, Dec 31, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-31 09:15:47-05

Alcohol is a toxin. It upsets your stomach, dehydrates you and causes a low blood sugar.

So any remedy that can help fight that will make your hangover better, but not cured.

The best thing you can do to prevent a hangover is drink lots of water — before bed is good — and the day after is crucial. You should also try to keep your stomach full.  That helps not only delay and slow down the absorption of alcohol, it can also help keep your blood sugar up.

So what about taking aspirin or ibuprofen before bedtime?

They may help come morning because they’re anti inflamatories. They may also help your headache when you first wake up.

But both of these can upset your stomach, so you may want to take them the next morning when you first wake up and have them with some food.  Bland toast or crackers is best.  Stay away from acetaminophen because it’s metabolized in the liver, same as alcohol, and it could cause liver damage if you take too much.

What about coffee?

Coffee won’t make you sober up quicker but it will perk you up a bit because it’s a stimulant.  It may also upset your stomach and dehydrate you more, so don’t overdo it.

And don’t get any ideas about having a Bloody Mary the next day. The hair of the dog won’t sober you up any quicker. The alcohol will only serve to dehydrate you more and you’ll suffer later.