Bill Bratton returns to old stomping grounds as police commissioner

Posted at 6:51 PM, Dec 05, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-05 19:22:20-05

NEW YORK (PIX11) —  “Bill Bratton, we in New York City are honored to have you as our top cop, and welcome back,” with that introduction from Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, the worst kept secret in the city became official.  Bill Bratton is returning to his old stomping grounds as NYPD commissioner.

“I love this profession.  I love this city and I love this department,” Bratton said during his opening remarks.

He’s loved it since 1956.   That is when at the age of 9, Bratton walked into his neighborhood library in Boston and discovered his destiny.  He brought it with him to his announcement.

The title reflective as to how he wants New Yorkers to perceive the NYPD moving forward, “‘Your Police’ a children’s book.  I checked this thing out so often, I don’t think anyone else in Boston ever saw it. It’s a book about the New York City Police Department of 1956, and I love the title,’Your Police.’ In this city I want every New Yorker to talk about their police.”

There are three pivotal goals that the 66-year-old says he will strive for in second tenure as commissioner.

The first task is maintaining low crime rates. The second is to work productively with all agencies to counter terrorism.  However, his final goal as dream-maker for de Blasio may be the most challenging.  It focuses on what the Mayor elect describes as, “The goal is to bring police and community together.”

Commissioner Bratton did find success in this area where others failed before him as the head of the LAPD.

Unlike New York City, in Los Angeles Bratton also had three parties looking over his shoulder, a police board, the Mayor and a federal monitor.

Beating crime while being closely scrutinized was one of the points that de Blasio was sold on.

“He moved a progressive agenda, that brought police and community back together and drove down crime while respecting and working collaboratively with those other oversight entities, so I have absolute faith, that, that will be done here,” de Blasio said.

In LA, Bratton also utilized a form a Stop-and-Frisk.  He agrees with mayor-elect de Blasio about reforming the the controversial tactic in New York.  Bratton appears to be getting an overhaul in the near future if the goal is to bring community and the NYPD closer than ever.

“I will work very hard and will move very quickly to getting once again, legitimacy and trust between the citizens of this city who feel that they don’t have it between them and this police department,” said Bratton.

During the announcement at a justice center in Red Hook, Bratton displayed much candor surrounding getting bounced by Mayor Rudy Giuliani after a Time Magazine profile in 1996.  The Commissioner acknowledged that he learned from his previous tenure and some of the differences that resulted in his departure may have been created by him.

Bratton’s hire comes nearly twenty years to the day after getting tapped as Commissioner the first time around.