Bill Bratton addresses NYPD police commissioner rumors

Posted at 8:07 PM, Nov 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-19 22:55:24-05

NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) – Bill Bratton wasted little to remind a room filled with influential New Yorkers on Tuesday that he loves the city he moved back to a few years ago, “I am a New Yorker and I’m proud to be one.”

Bratton also didn’t waste any time talking about the cities in which he served as the top cop in the past, mentioning an unprecedented career as the top cop in the cities of Boston, Los Angeles and of course, New York City.  He failed to mention the 2011 courtship of London that failed to come to fruition due to his nationality.

There is no doubt a lore about former Commissioner Bratton that is unlike any other names being mentioned to replace outgoing Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Various members of the NYPD have conveyed to PIX 11 News that Bratton’s name carries profound respect inside of NYPD precincts.

Although Bratton says that neither he nor his people have been contacted by Mayor-elect Bill de Bblasio or his administration, he’s not worried once they come calling, ” Again I’m very comfortable with my background and preparation, if asked to have a discussion about coming back I’d be comfortable to do that.”

However, for Bratton to return he would have to recuse himself from endeavors in the private sector, like the Bratton Group and Bratton Technologies.  Bratton says that his candidacy comes with only one obstacle, “The only challenge there is to give up an awful lot of money, to do it. No basically it’s much the same as any official who comes from the private sector, I’d have to step off all of the board of directors positions I’m on paid or unpaid, my two companies I would have to put into blind trusts similar to what mayor Bloomberg had to do.”

When asked if any member of his team has been contacted any member of the de Blasio team, Commissioner Bratton simply said “no.”  He also noted, that Mayor Giuliani offered him the job over Thanksgiving weekend.  By his accounts, it’s still a little early.

Nonetheless, Bratton is already a fan of de Blasio in one sector.  Before several transportation officials, the former commission endorsed the Mayor-elects “Vision Zero” Goal of eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries in New York City by 2024.