Will tomorrow’s weather be summerlike or a blast of temps to come?

Posted at 10:51 PM, Sep 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-18 22:51:30-04

Some of suburbs like Westhampton Beach went close to freezing last night. With high pressure now beginning to move offshore, winds are now southerly this evening. Overnight lows will in the mid 50s for the city while suburbs will go down to mid 40s under clear skies.

Tonight is also the harvest moon to a certain degree. Why? By definition a full moon does not occur until the moon is directly opposite of the sun. Unfortunately that happends after the sun rises tomorrow morning at 7:12am. Regardless with the clear skies tonight, the moon will be visble and bright.


Tomorrow, high pressure is still in full force. Westerly winds will allow temperatures to go up the mid 70s which is seasonable for this time of the year. By Friday, we will be milder with temperatures in the upper 70s.

Skies will cloud up on Saturday with the chance of showers late in the day. Most of the rain will come at night and into part of Sunday. If you have to do any outdoor activities, Saturday is the better of the two.