NFL jacks up prices for tickets to Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium

Posted at 9:31 AM, Sep 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-18 09:47:01-04


Just when you thought you could afford to go to the Superbowl because it’s in the area, the NFL jacks up ticket prices. It’s going to cost big bucks to get a premium  ticket.

If you plan on going to this cold weather New York/ New Jersey Superbowl you had better have deep pockets — very deep pockets. The NFL is raising the price of it’s 9,000 most expensive tickets to about $2,600 dollars each.  That’s double the price of the same ticket to last year’s game in New Orleans which went for just $1,250. The league says it looking to make the tickets more closely reflect the prices people are getting for the seats on the secondary market.  In other words, the NFL wants some of the extra money fans are willing to shell out for tickets.

The news isn’t much better for people buying the next level of seats. They’ll go for $1,500 a pop, up from $950 last year.  The league says about 40% of the general admission seats will go for less than $1,000 but they believe people in New York can afford to pay more so they are charging more.

We asked Fred McMillan of the Bronx what he would do with with the $2,600 dollars instead of going to the game. “I would do a lot.  Pay a lot of bills.  Pay for my son’s school.  Pay $2,600 for a ticket?  I can’t.” Robin Burst of Freehold, New Jersey told PIX11, “It’s hard for somebody to afford to go to a game like that. I mean you take your kids and it would be like $10,000 dollars.” He added, “The kids aren’t going.”

There’s a bit of good news for those seeking the lowest priced tickets. They will go down in price from $650 to about $500 dollars. About 30,000 fans entered a lottery for those tickets and winners will be notified later this fall.  But get this: If you are lucky enough to get one of those tickets which usually go for about $2,000 on the secondary market, you won’t be able to resell it. The NFL is requiring the winners to pick up the tickets at a gate at the stadium on the way into the game.