Small plane crashes into houses in East Haven; body of pilot and child found, one child still missing

Posted at 12:22 PM, Aug 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-09 18:19:06-04

(PIX11) — The body of the a child and the pilot of a small airplane that crashes into two homes in Connecticut Friday morning have been found, the Hartford Courant is reporting. 

The second child is still unaccounted for.

The two bodies were discovered in the basement of one of the homes. Governor Dannel Malloy said at a press conference that one of the bodies was that of a “mature adult” and the other was “substantially younger.”

The Governor said that they are unsure at the time if the pilot was the only one on the plane. “We are receiving reports of anywhere of one to two people who would’ve been in the airplane. There’s a possibility of two additional [to the pilot] but, we can’t confirm that.”

Officials say the plane, flying from Teterboro Airport, N.J. to Tweed New Haven Airport in Connecticut, crashed into two houses at 11:25 am, leaving the whereabouts of two children,  ages 1 and 13, in one of the houses and the pilot unknown, according to East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo.


East Haven Fire Department says the Rockwell International Turbo Commander 690B, a multi-engine turbo prop aircraft, crashed between two homes at 64 & 68 Charter Oak Avenue in East Haven.

Officials said the pilot of the aircraft was supposed to land on Tweed’s runway on “instrument landing” but missed the approach and continued on. They also didn’t receive a distress call from the pilot.


A New Haven Airport-bound aircraft struck two houses late Friday morning. Three people, including the pilot and two children, are missing. (Courtesy: New Haven Register)

Two children, a 1-year-old and 13-year-old were in one of the houses but have not been found them, authorities said.  Their mother was also in the home but she is fine.

Frank Diglio told The Courant he was driving by the crash site and jumped in to look for the missing children, but had to leave after the fire worsened.

“The plane was burning slow and then it started really burning,” Diglio said. “The fire engines arrived in like 10 minutes. They came real quick and they told us all to move. The house got really out of control.”

According to Maturo, the plane was in communication with airport tower. He could not confirm if weather conditions were a factor.

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