“He’ll be our 4th of July Spiderman”: Man rappels off Brooklyn Bridge onto NYPD building and gets away

Posted: 6:51 PM, Jul 04, 2013
Updated: 2013-07-04 18:53:18-04

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS (PIX11) – Hold on for a second. This Spidey has the NYPD on his trail after the thrill-seeking perp decided to celebrate his Fourth early this morning by repelling down the Brooklyn Bridge.

“If it was during business hours, I would think he was looking to cut the line,” said Gina Peluso regarding the daring act. She and her family own Grimaldi’s which coincidentally is situated beside the building where the thrill seeker landed. She admits that when first hearing the news she was concerned that this may have been part of some sinister plot, “They said a guy came down, so my concern was hopefully it wasn’t a bomb on the bridge.”

One would expect that someone repelling from the Brooklyn Bridge at approximately 9 a.m. would be witnessed by dozens if not hundreds.  In this case PIX11 News saw only a handful people actually working with detectives.  One couple had the best seat in the house as they were actually doing rooftop yoga as it all went down.

One of the yogis did not want to share his name, but described what he saw as follows, “He was on a net before, so like they were doing some construction work and there were some nets and stuff so he kind of dangled that down the bridge and so then he was dangling from that and when he realized that he couldn’t get down onto the roof, he climbed back up and got the hose and then slid down the hose basically right to the ground. Yeah just a pretty strong person I’d imagine to do that.”

Johnny Peters just happened to be visiting friends in the shadows of the historic bridge, “I’m a tourist, pretty exciting stuff.”

In a rooftop conversation the Australian described the amateurish rig that was used, “It looked like a fire hose. It’s like he got a fire hose or something from somewhere and then tied it to one of those steel things right and then climbed down that and the other one was hanging with stuff all tied together along with rock tape.”

Now here is where this act almost takes a turn ala Philippe Petit, the wire walker and jokester who in 1974 crossed the World Trade Center Towers.  The building that the daredevil repelled onto belongs to the NYPD.

With hounds, a chopper, and several personnel scouring the area, one cop told PIX 11 News that their primary concern, “What was he doing on the bridge?” in an area closed off to the public?

Questions that authrities could not answer, since the daredevil got away.