Man accused of brutally beating young mother in front of her 3-year-old SMIRKS as he’s led out of court after pleading not guilty

Posted at 2:43 PM, Jul 02, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-02 16:43:36-04


The man accused of  breaking into a New Jersey home and savagely beating a young mother in front of her daughter — while a nanny cam recorded the whole vicious attack — pleaded not guilty Tuesday.

Shawn Custis, 42, smirked as he was being led out of his arraignment on charges of brutally attacking the Millburn woman then throwing her down a flight of stairs last week — all while her 3-year-old daughter looked on and her 18-month-old baby boy slept upstairs.

Custis was hardly audible as he gave his “not guilty” plea to the judge, his eyes darting from the floor to around the court room.

He is being charged with attempted murder, burglary and child endangerment.

The suspect was arrested last Friday in the Inwood section of Manhattan shortly after being named by police.

“The video shows what violent crime looks like,” said Acting Essex County prosecutor Carolyn Murray. “When people in the community see what it really looks like, I think that’s why we had the outpouring of assistance.”