Investigators check helicopter after hero pilot safely lands it on Hudson River

Posted at 11:00 AM, Jul 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-01 11:00:00-04

(PIX11) — It’s being called the mini miracle on the Hudson. The helicopter that splash landed into the Hudson River Sunday was moved from the Downtown Heliport Monday morning.

The chopper was tied to a flat bed truck and taken to another location so the FAA and NTSB could continue their investigation.

The young pilot, Michael Campbell, is being called a hero.

“He was trained terrifically. We have a good crew. We focus on safety and training and the landing on the river was just absolutely great,” said Michael Roth, the owner of New York Helicopter.

The helicopter had a family of 4 on board from Sweden. Officials said it was two adults and two teenagers. The helicopter ended up in the Hudson River Sunday at about noon near 79th street.

“He said it was mechanical problems. I said nice landing. He said it could have been smoother. I said it could have been worse,” said Sabastien Berthelet, the Canadian tourist that brought the pilot to shore.

The helicopter took off from the Downtown Heliport Sunday and was in the air for 12 minutes, according to officials. The chopper lost engine power and the pilot was able to land the helicopter in the river with pontoons deployed. The helicopter stayed afloat and everyone escaped.

“He came in fast and low and just smacked right into the water. Fortunately, he lifted the nose before they finally dropped into the Hudson, said witness Stefan Capan.

Officials said the passengers were taken to a local hospital to get checked out but they were not injured.

“Any landing is a good landing in aviation and this is an example of that,” said Paul Browne, the NYPD’s Deputy of Public Information.

Michael Roth said that the pilot, Michael Campbell, is taking Monday off and he will not be flying.

“God was with us and I am happy that all the passengers were able to come onto the ground in one piece,” said Roth