Howard and the terrible tutus

Posted at 10:43 PM, Jun 26, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-26 22:43:46-04

NEW YORK (PIX11) – This is an online shopping story for the books.  Sherene Parkinson of the Bronx was just trying to order a couple of tutus for her daughter’s birthday party. Her daughter was turning 7.

She found what she was looking for on the E-commerce site  ETSY offers the products of other sellers.  The tutus Sherene chose were from an outfit in Texas. The total cost: $36.98.  A few days later she sent an email to ETSY to make sure the tutus would be on time.  After all, there’s nothing worse than a late tutu.

ETSY forwarded the email to the seller.  And Sherene got back two emails.  They reminded her of the 7-business day shipping policy and expressed outrage:


“Why was he so upset with you,” I asked Sherene?
“Well he was upset because he didn’t feel I should have emailed to inquire about the order.”

The emails asked for Sherene’s phone number to talk this over.  She supplied it.  It was an unpleasant conversation.

“So I said cancel the order.  He said, ‘no I’m not canceling the order I’m keeping your money.'”

But that was just a warm up for another call and an unbelievable voicemail Sherene was about to receive. Here are some excerpts:

“Hello… is there a problem ma’am? We’re trying to discuss your order that you placed through us…

Here in America, if you look it up a business day does not include weekends or holidays…  But you’re probably too f—‘in stupid or retarded or a n–ger, You sound so f—‘in nasty on the phone I can only imagine your education level is the same amount.

Please understand how it works in America before you buy anything like you do.  You f—‘in retard.”


That’s some customer service, huh?

Sherene tells us that the innocent  e-commerce website – – is going to issue a refund.  And the seller doesn’t appear to be doing business on ETSY anymore.  But Sherene tells me she doesn’t care about the money.  She wants people to know about the phone calls.  We think we know the guy who made them. And when we get hold of him, we’ll tell you what he has to say for himself.