Did binging kill Gandolfini? ‘Sopranos’ star was downing booze, greasy food before death: report

Posted: 7:01 PM, Jun 21, 2013
Updated: 2013-06-23 15:56:28-04

New York, NY (PIX11) – Headlines paint a picture of an overindulgent James Gandolfini, binging on booze and food the very night he died.

The NY Post reports, three hours after a massive meal of fatty foods coupled with a lot of alcohol, Gandolfini’s 13-year-old son found his 51-year-old father dead on their hotel room floor.

The autopsy report confirms Gandolfini died of heart attack.

Could one night of decadence kill him?

PIX 11’s medical expert and host of the ‘Dr. Steve Show,’ Dr. Steve Salvatore, said, “It is hard to say if that meal played a role in that evening’s event but when you have a high fat meal, it goes right into your blood stream.  We’re hearing a double order of fried prawns, massive order of foie gras and on top of it, a pina colada, two extra shots, another pina colada, two extra shots and two beers.  That really speaks to the excessive type of behavior of overeating and overindulging.  This is not something that only happened one time.  It is probably a pattern.


A pattern, reports say, that may also include hard drugs on the menu for the 260-pound TV mob boss.  As Gandolfini’s divorce records alleged back in the Sopranos days, he used to do cocaine with some of his cast mates.

“We know cocaine puts a significant strain on the heart.  If cocaine was involved it could be a definite trigger for a heart attack but we just don’t know that yet,” said Salvatore.

A toxicology report, if ordered, would show if anything else was in his system.

Meanwhile, a family spokesperson, has insisted Gandolfini died from a heart attack due to natural causes.

A friend of the actor told The Daily News that Gandolfini’s food and alcohol intake in Rome, specifically the night he died, “was nothing out of the ordinary.”