Street gang busted for string of violent home invasions in the Bronx

Posted at 10:09 PM, Jun 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-20 22:09:27-04

THE BRONX (PIX11) Many of the suspects from the violent Bronx home invasions were arraigned this afternoon. All of them pled not guilty.

Prosecutors say they spent 2 years threatening to kill people and robbing innocent victims.

Photos that were posted on Facebook led to the arrest of 11 members of the “Six Wild” Bronx gang. All members were charged with violent home invasion, with robberies that left their victims beaten senseless.

Residents are not surprised by the violence.

One woman says, “It’s sad, I’ve heard a lot about the elderly being robbed of their chains and jewelry. One woman I know, Maria, she got on the bus and they actually went onto the bus, took her jewelry off of her on the bus and jumped off.”

The Six Wild had several motives, which police say were stealing drugs or cash from their victims.

The gang allegedly targeted people whom they believed to be drug dealers, but also robbed several innocent people.

Authorities say they would use a woman to befriend the victim and get information about drugs or money and the best time to strike.

The robbers carried stolen bags to transport the taken items.

In each of the three February 2012 robberies, the victims were beaten, and in some cases choked.

The gang also allegedly used children to transport guns.

“I feel bad. I feel bad, there are a lot of kids here,” says a resident that lives in one of the victim’s buildings.

The charges range from murder conspiracy to robbery and assault.

Prosecutors say this bust takes some of the top gang leaders off the streets of the Bronx.