Howard helps injured woman get a sports club refund

Posted: 8:12 PM, Jun 20, 2013
Updated: 2013-06-20 20:12:55-04

Joan Duncan is active at the age of 74.  She tends her Massapequa garden and works out at Synergy gym.  Her daughter-in-law hooked her up.

Joan likes the gym but regrets that she let herself be talked into hiring a personal trainer for $899.

“This girl kept saying to me…um this is a very good idea you know you’ve had two back surgeries…it could be very awful for you if you don’t us e a personal trainer. I didn’t think it was a good idea, after much persuasion, I said ‘i’ll try it’.”

After two sessions she says the trainer pushed her two hard. She’d been injured in a car accident 20 years ago and recently had back surgery.  Joan says the trainer’s method just made her feel worse. So she called her doctor.  Joan told me how that conversation went.

“Well, Joan,” he said, “You’re only allowed to work with a physical therapist and not a personal trainer who 9 out of ten times is not even certified. And (they) don’t know what they’re doing for somebody with your type of situation.”

So Joan asked Synergy for a refund.  In March she was told it was approved.  But then, she says, all she received was a run-around.  A friend suggested she contact me.

We went to Synergy in Massapequa and got a chilly reception.  I was put on the phone with someone from the company’s office.  She claimed the check was in the mail.  Now that’s original.  And the conversation didn’t go very well from there:

Howard: “Do you run Synergy? Are you the head of Synergy, Ms?
Woman: No! I’m not the head!
Howard:  Then you need to think how your boss is going to react when he sees this on television and how this was handled. That’s what you need to consider.
Woman: Ok, that’s fine.

And with that, she just hung up on me.

But the next day I got a call from Synergy.  The gym wanted to do the right thing.  We were asked to come over.  Joan joined us.  She received a check for $800.  That’s short $99.  But she was assured she’d be getting the rest.

This workout was over.