Bloomberg announces 4th annual NYC BigApps competition winners

Posted at 9:56 PM, Jun 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-20 21:56:52-04


NEW YORK (PIX11) – On Thursday Mayor Bloomberg announced the winners of NYC BigApps 2013 — this is the fourth annual competition for software developers and members of the public to create an app that helps solve ‘critical challenges’ using public, private or crowd-sourced data.  There were a total of eight prizes awarded to seven winning applications. In total there were 54 apps submitted for this year’s contest. A total of $150,000 in prize money was awarded to the seven apps.

“In four years, NYC BigApps has helped launch nearly 300 new apps and made government more transparent and accountable,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “This year’s open, collaborative process raised the bar for the quality of the apps that made it into the competition. The creative atmosphere that our growing tech community has cultivated is making New York City the hottest spot in the tech world.”

This year’s winners are as follows:

NYC BigApps 2013 Grand Prize Winner and Best Healthy Living App: HealthyOut, $55,000

HealthyOut is an app for the IPhone that let’s New Yorkers quickly locate healthy meals and restaurants nearby. With a few clicks the user can search for food based on nutrition or mood preference.

Best Jobs and Economic Mobility App: ChildCareDesk, $25,000

ChildCareDesk is an android app that allows parents to find quality child care centers. The app shows a easy to navigate list of child care centers on a map with Yelp reviews. The map also shares other essential information on top of the map pins.

Best Jobs and Economic Mobility App, Second Place: Helping Hands, $15,000

Helping Hands is a mobile web app that lets New Yorkers navigate, enroll, and apply for a variety of social benefits. Helping Hands adds a support network for peers, helpers, and mentors who add tips, reviews and words of encouragement into the process.

Best Jobs and Economic Mobility App, Third Place: Hired In NY, $10,000

The Hired in NY app is a mobile web app that makes it easy to discover , connect and apply to thousands of jobs at 2,000 NY based startups and small companies. The app manages a users job search through a intelligent, customized to-do list and helps them find the right job for them.

Best Cleanweb: Energy, Environment and Resilience App: SolarList, $20,000

SolarList is a mobile app that calculates a homeowner’s costs and savings for a range of solar and financial options. This makes it simpler then ever for users to understand how to install solar into their own homes.

Best Lifelong Learning App: Hopscotch, $20,000

Hopscotch is an app for the IPad that teaches children to code through an innovative, simple interface. Rather then using the complex syntax found in written programming languages or relying on typing at all. Hopscotch developed a friendly, touch-screen interface that makes it easy for kids to drag and drop interface elements to create their own games, apps and scripts.

Best Wildcard App: Poncho, $5,000

Poncho is a text and e-mail based app that provides a personalized weather service tailored to a user’s daily routine. Poncho also uses public City data provided by NYC Open Data and MTA APIs to alert New Yorker’s of train delays and alternate side parking’s changes to make their commutes more predictable and pleasant. Poncho’s text messages and emails feature delightful, clever language that makes its weather reports a must read.