Commuters weary as LIRR delays and cancellations continue after train derailment

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jun 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-18 18:08:40-04

After a LIRR train derailment snarled Monday night’s rush hour commute, riders on Tuesday aren’t getting much reprieve.

As of Tuesday, 21 trains have been cancelled for the rush hour commute.

“We’re New Yorkers. We’ve always been taught to be tough and be resilient and to learn how to adapt,” one commuter said.

Long Island railroad spokesperson Joe Calderone detailed how investigators in the East River tunnel are trying to get to the bottom of Monday’s night’s LIRR train derailment.

“An area of the track where the derailment occurred so of course investigators will be examining all of that. They’ll examine the equipment. All of that is part of the investigation,” Calderone said.

Amtrak said the piece of track at the center of the investigation was inspected just last week. Crews are currently working to repair 500 feet of damaged track.

A ten car train derailed on its way to Hempstead from Penn Station in one of the four East River tunnels. Hundreds were evacuated from the train cars.

Then, the nightmare started for commuters.

As a result of the derailment, dozens of morning rush hour LIRR trains were cancelled or diverted.

But more so than the stress of waiting for their train, the stress of why this happened is bogging down many.

“I’m not sure how they check their tracks or what they’re doing to prevent anything from happening. So, it’s a little scary,” one LIRR rider said.

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