Community leaders not pleased with two urban ‘superheroes’ protecting NYC

Posted at 8:17 PM, Jun 17, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-18 12:08:21-04

BROOKLYN (PIX11) – They are being called urban superheroes, fighting crime in your neighborhood, just like the men and women in the new movie “Kick Ass 2”.

But who are they really? They are called ‘Zero’ and ‘Dark Guardian’ and they do not define themselves as ‘superheroes’.

Zero claims they are “the middlemen between citizens and the law enforcement.”

Dark Guardian adds, “We’re doing this to try and help out the community in whatever way we can.”


Community leaders are not pleased with these two urban ‘superheroes’ protecting New York City.

Zero and Dark Guardian are part of a team of volunteers. They call themselves ‘New York Initiative.’ They claim to patrol all five boroughs of New York — with protective gear, not weapons and colorful tights. However, they do have a skateboard, which is part shield and part transportation.

What Zero and Dark Guardian are doing is not sitting well with several community leaders, including advocate Tony Herbert. He says this is not Hollywood and the streets of Brooklyn are not make-believe.

Herbert expresses, “Now that is absurd because quite frankly, there was a shooting in Brownsville last night and I got the phone call on it. I didn’t hear about any superheroes flying over the housing developments getting there. This is not Cartoon Network. This is the real world.”

He then continues, “Who are these people? When you talk about protecting our communities, who’s protecting whom? We’ve got an uptake in gun violence. We’ve got folks losing their lives every day. Where are these superheroes at? I’ve never heard of them.”

They may not be superheroes, but these two say they have helped the city fight crime and will continue.

“We [helped] the West Village a couple of years ago, first. There’s an article in the ‘Daily Beast’ about us catching a mugger. [We’ve also] done tons of mugging out there,” says Zero.

As for the people Zero and Dark Guardian say they are protecting, they have mixed feelings about the whole thing.