UPDATE: 11-year-old Brooklyn girl sits up for first time after being shot

Posted at 9:25 PM, Jun 14, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-14 21:25:46-04


Last month the world of the Mazyck family was shaken when 11-year-old daughter and sister, Tayloni, was hit by a stray bullet that lodged in her neck.

Tayloni was standing outside her home at 600 Gates Avenue with her mother and 7-month-old niece, when gunfire erupted nearby around 8:30.

“She’s paralyzed from the neck down,” said Robert Mazyck, after visiting his daughter at Columbia University Hospital.  “But she’s in good spirits, she’s awake, she’s alive.”

Not only is Tayloni alive, but recently the young girl has been showing signs of recovery and with the help of Presbyterian Hospital nurses, has even managed to sit up for the first time.

Although the progress restores faith and gives hope for the Mazyck family, the little girl still faces the haunting of her attack.

Tayloni’s mother, Priscilla Samuel, told NBC News, “[Tayloni] says she doesn’t want to come back to where we live and she says she doesn’t want to come outside. That’s crazy because is she 11 years old. Why should she be afraid to come outside?”

Tayloni continues to work towards recovery with the hopes of one day being able to walk again.

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