Photo of Wendy’s worker eating ice cream from dispenser causes online uproar and tummy aches

Posted at 11:40 AM, Jun 14, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-14 18:15:40-04
wendys worjker


Oh no he didn’t.

But yes, unfortunately he did. A photo of a Wendy’s worker going to town on the soft serve ice cream dispenser has a lot of people screaming not for ice cream

The photograph which was initially posted on Reddit, spread like wild fire on the internet this week and now has the fast food eatery taking notice.

“We don’t know the exact date the photo was taken, but we believe in it was in May,” Wendy’s spokesman Bob Bertini said in a statement. “The incident was totally inappropriate, and we’re taking it very seriously.”

The Wendy’s location where this nasty incident took place wasn’t immediately clear.