Howard tries to settle a messy landlord-tenant stalemate

Posted at 10:10 PM, Jun 14, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-14 22:10:16-04

This story illustrates why I generally don’t like to get involved in landlord-tenant disputes.  There’s always another twist and they never seem to end.

James Wilkey lives in Ridgewood, Queens.  He says he moved into the apartment in February 2012. A friend moved into the other bedroom.  And the landlord, Israel Ramos was his roommate’s friend.

James says eventually his friend’s son moved in to the adjoining room. When there was a problem with the son being late with his share of the rent, then the electricity was turned off.

“So you haven’t had electricity since May 16th?” I asked James.

“I’m running on a generator and everything since May 16th,” he confirmed.

James took the landlord to court.  He has a judgment telling Israel Ramos to turn the power back on.

But now the point of contention:  Landlord Ramos told Con Ed that Jim moved into the place in 2011.  But he can’t produce a lease Jim ever signed.  Con Ed won’t turn the power on without a letter agreeing on a start date signed by both Ramos and Wilkey.  And James Wilkey won’t sign a letter that says he moved in in 2011.

So, stalemate.

James Wilkey has a generator outside supplying some power.  And he plans to move out as soon as he can.

You see why I don’t like doing landlord-tenant stories?