NYPD cops accused of yelling gay slurs while violently arresting man

Posted at 10:53 PM, Jun 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-12 00:58:53-04

The incident recorded on cell phone video has members of the LGBT community up in arms. Brooklyn resident Josh Williams said a police officer accused him of urinating outside the 79th pct in Brooklyn. He and his friends claim the incident turned violent. They also say officers threw anti-gay slurs.

“He thrashed Josh around and was then joined by other officers who slammed josh to the ground, who pepper sprayed him while he was in handcuffs,” said alleged victim Ben Collins.

“We did nothing wrong, what was done to us, was wrong,” said alleged victim Josh Williams.

The anti-violence project has been dealing with a rash of hate crimes including the murder of Mark Carson, who was killed police said because he was gay.

“When LGBT people don’t know who to trust and who’s going to be violent, towards them they don’t know where to go,” said Executive Director Sharon Stapel.

Police said Williams did break the law when an officer allegedly saw him urinating in the parking lot near gasoline pumps at the precincts. They said Williams was uncooperative, refused to ID himself and that he appeared highly intoxicated.  They also said he was resisting arrest.

Williams’ attorney said he never urinated anywhere. She is requesting the charges be dropped and wants charges brought against the officers.