Howard goes after beauty school owners who took the money and ran

Posted at 11:06 PM, Jun 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-10 23:06:20-04

NYBS Creative Arts.  The “NYBS” stands for New York Beauty School.  It’s been around for a long time, most recently in a building on 41st Street near the New York Public Library.  Its website is still up.

But classes weren’t happening and at least 3 women were left holding the bag.

“They’ve given me the song and dance: financial troubles, financial troubles, financial troubles,” hair stylist Rosemary Tejeda told me.  She was a teacher at the school.  Rosemary showed me invoices and emails showing she’s owed $1,250.

Sondra Hardwick thinks she should have known better. She’s a financial analyst who wants to pursue a real passion for working in make-up and character development.

“The thing that I did wrong was not looking into this business before I got involved in it.”

Sondra interned at the school while still working her regular job. She also says she paid more than $10,000 upfront but only got one course.  After that she says, the school founder, Akemi Sone, offered to teach her in her apartment.

Mona Bittle paid about $6,000 and took the course work. But she says she never got any certificate showing she completed the curriculum and never got the shoot she was promised with a professional photographer and model.

“I say I work for this make up school in New York and I don’t have anything to show for it,” is the way Mona put it to me.

So, I went looking for Akemi Sone and her husband, attorney Roy P. Miller.  The New York Secretary of State’s web site lists Miller as the CEO of the corporation. It also states the corporation is currently “inactive.”


I couldn’t find Sone or Miller at one of their old addresses. But I finally did get Roy Miller on the phone.  He told me that Rosemary will be paid. But he said that Sondra dropped out and won’t get a refund. She’s tells us she’s suing over this.  Meanwhile, Mona is working out arrangements to re-take a test and get that photo shoot.

Yes, beauty may be only skin deep.  But it’s also expensive.