Here’s how FEMA’s revised flood maps could affect you

Posted at 7:28 PM, Jun 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-10 21:37:03-04

Manhattan, NY (PIX11) – FEMA just released its latest preliminary flood maps to help streamline the rebuilding process for Super Storm Sandy victims.

These flood maps, last updated in February, help determine how much someone has to elevate their property to meet insurance requirements.  Some people have even had to halt their rebuilding process and wait until these maps came out.

Overall, FEMA says the number of Zone-V (area at risk of experiencing high velocity waves of 3 feet or more) have decreased from what was originally designated back in February.  However, the number the number of Zone-A designated areas have increased, which means high coastal hazard zone.

See the new maps here.

The new maps are good news and bad news for Sandy victims.  For those who want to stay in their homes and rebuild – and if they find out they dropped down from Zone V to Zone A – then this means, less elevation which saves money.

For those people hoping for a buyout – and if their property had the same drop in flood zone – then this means, they may not qualify for the state buyout program which currently requires a Zone V designation.

However, the city of New York, is supposedly going to announce a buyout program of its own, so there may be hope for Zone A property owners after all.