i-Guess: People try to predict Apples next product

Posted at 6:54 PM, Jun 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-09 18:54:23-04

SOHO, MANHATTAN (PIX11)– Tech rumors are swirling as Apple gets set for its annual World Wide Developers Conference, which kicks off on Monday.

Well Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference may be across the country in San Francisco, but that doesn’t stop people in the Big Apple from having a Big opinion.

Outside Apple’s SoHo store where I spoke to people about what products they’d like to see Apple create and to find out if there’s as much buzz around the conference this year as there has been in years past.  And we’re shooting it all on what else?  An Apple iPhone.

There’s no denying that Apple enthusiasts love their products.

“They’re cool, they work well, they’re pretty,” says Gramercy resident Vanessa Charlton.

And their fan base spans across age groups.

“I think I have 5 and one of my favorite is, I have an i-touch,” says i-enthusiast Tess Johnson

“Sometimes I use them to play with, sometimes I design things with them, and sometimes I just use them to search for videos,” says Apple product lover Nolan Johnson.

But with iPods, iPhones, and iPads just about everywhere you look… some customers are i-rate over the lack of innovation.

And competitors are catching up.

“So the wow factor is dropping off, but until they bring out something new and truly different and innovative I think just the next phone or next iPad is not really as exciting as it used to be.”

But this week rumors are once again swirling about what Apple will unveil at the WWDC.

Speculation includes plans for a new i-Radio to compete with on demand radio app spotify and the persistent iPhone Mini rumor still exists.

But most tech experts are convinced the company will definitely show off a new operating system for portable devices that will be called iOS7.

“That will be really cool to see the new way that they layout the apps and stuff.”

But many are hoping the company will look back on its own slogan of the past and think different to help spur innovation in the future.

“I think it’s everyone is waiting for something with TV, or maybe something completely different, Who knows, maybe they’ll enter some other market completely that will kind of spin our heads around.”

Maybe then we’ll look up from our i-devices to notice.

“I think we’d really like to see retina displays across the computer industry.”

“They’re best in class.  The design trumps all.  Still ease of use is my favorite thing, and the seamless integration of all the devices is what keeps me coming back,” says Carroll Gardens resident Brett Johnson.