Still recovering from Sandy, Gerristen Beach residents prepare for hurricane season

Posted at 11:06 PM, Jun 07, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-07 23:06:57-04

Gerristen Beach, BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Before Hurricane Sandy, Gerritsen Beach was considered a “Zone B” location, which means there was no mandatory evacuation.  Part of the reason for that classification was the fact that Gerritsen Beach is somewhat protected from the ocean by Manhattan Beach.  Earlier Friday we were in that neighborhood where people say they’re paying a lot more attention to the storms this hurricane season.

“I think we’re more careful about what’s going on and we’re more aware of what’s going on in the news and preparing for all the storms,” Ida Piker of Manhattan Beach said.

Piker clearly remembers the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy causing massive flooding at her home in Manhattan Beach.  Her sister Julia only witnessed the aftermath.  But when they sisters heard Andrea would be coming to New York they were concerned.

“It’s scary, it’s definitely scary to think about another storm coming this way, we definitely don’t want to see that again,” Piker added.

Some of the waterfront homes in Manhattan Beach still haven’t been repaired after Sandy, and already Andrea is causing some of them to flood again.  And for those who have worked tirelessly to repair and rebuild, just the thought of another storm leaves a feeling of helplessness.

“Well it’s nerve racking you know because we’re finally almost done with everything and kind of getting over it, now we don’t want to deal with anything else,” Laura Cryan of Breezy Point said.

Fortunately for most in Manhattan Beach, they can deal with the rain as long as they’re not washed out by a high tide.  Still, even if that happens most say they’re better prepared now than they would have been a year ago.

“I didn’t have flood insurance and now I have flood insurance,” resident Michael Kogan said.

Some people who had flood insurance before the storm tell PIX11 they’ve actually been dropped by their insurance companies.  Those people say if they do get hit by another storm they may not be able to recover.

So far they say they feel like they dodged the bullet with Andrea.