Rockland County high school sports may be latest budget casualty

Posted at 11:00 PM, Jun 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-06 23:01:52-04

One East Ramapo school  budget already failed to pass and another vote is coming up. Students want their side heard before votes are cast.

“Without it we wouldn’t be doing something productive with our time so it’s really important to us,” said Ramapo senior Joshua Williams.

Josh Williams is heading to Division 1 school in part because of his success on the field . Now, his beloved football program is on the chopping block.

A looming budget vote won’t impact these seniors, but it will affect the friends they’re leaving behind in East Ramapo school district.

Taxpayers will soon decide on a  $209.5 million dollar budget that already includes cuts.  If it fails, school officials say it could mean the elimination of all athletics in the East Ramapo school district and more programs. District officials say there’s not enough money coming in from the state and their cash strapped, but the students don’t care why they just want to save their programs.

Now, the unknown is their fear for their school, they can prepare for games but not for this.

“If there were no sports at Ramapo I don’t think I ever could get recruited so I probably go to another college,” said senior Jason Senat.

Taxpayers will have their say on June 18th. The previous budget with higher tax increase failed to pass.
The district says they’re frustrated for students.