Girl who says bullying drove her to attempt suicide speaks out

Posted at 7:21 PM, Jun 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-07 13:12:12-04

QUEENS VILLAGE, New York (PIX11) – A 12 year old sixth grader who used sharpened pencils in attempting to slit her wrist told PIX 11she was partially motivated by the recent suicide of another 12-year-old, who lived up the street from her in Queens Village.

“It made me feel like she did it, so maybe I should do it, too” Adrian Rodriguez said of Gabrielle Molina, another 12-year-old who was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her family’s home on 220th Street on May 22nd.

Friends and family said Gabby Momina was being called cruel names like “slut” by classmates at I.S. 109 in Queens Village.

Adrian Rodriguez said she, too, was bullied at Middle School 172 in Floral Park, since 6th grade started back in September.

“They started throwing things in my face like ‘Im ugly, fat, stupid, I don’t have a life.”

Rodriguez said she dropped from a “90 average to 70–or 60” as the school year progressed, and her father told PIX 11 she lost a large amount of weight.

Young Girl Suicide

“She lost 35 pounds in three months,” Arcadio Rodriguez told PIX.  “She brought food to school and wasn’t eating it.”

Adrian’s mother, Bianca Rodriguez, told PIX the family’s efforts to get help at the school fell on deaf ears.

It was a friend of Adrian’s attending I.S. 109–where Gabby Molina once went to classes–who notified a counselor that her friend, Adrian, was getting suicidal at M.S. 172.

“She did a heroic thing,” Adrian Rodriguez told us from her stoop on 220th Street, where she returned after receiving treatment at a Long Island hospital. “She saved my life. I’m so grateful.”

Adrian likes to play soccer, basketball, and guitar but she still feels down about some of the other kids at school.
“They’re probably hating on me now,” she said. “Because we’re getting everyone involved.”

The Department of Education told PIX 11 it received no complaints of bullying from M.S. 172 but told me there were two other “incidents” that had been addressed with parents and students.
School security threw PIX 11 out of the building, when we tried to reach the principal’s office.

Adrian Rodriguez, for her part, told us the advice she’s received from medical professionals: “to let everything out….to talk….never clinch things inside,”