Driver, 17, arraigned on manslaughter charges after 4-year-old crushed by SUV

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jun 05, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-05 22:35:09-04

The defense attorney for 17-year-old Franklin Reyes leaving Manhattan Criminal court after the teen’s arraignment on manslaughter charges. Police say Reyes was fleeing from a reckless driving stop when he jumped the curb pinning 4-year-old Ariel Russo and her grandmother against this building on the upper west side ultimately killing Russo.

Friends and strangers are building a memorial for the preschooler.  Her young friends are trying to understand the tragedy.

Girl Killed

Police say Reyes was driving without a driver’s license. There is growing anger over Russo’s death and also questions over the police pursuit of Reyes.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said this is a tragic situation and that the investigation is continuing. He sees the actions of the officers as being reasonable at this time.

The defense said Reyes talked freely with investigators. He did not enter a plea.

The attorney said Reyes is suffering.