Parents irate after special needs students kept in sweltering rooms without AC

Posted at 6:54 PM, May 31, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-31 18:54:50-04

No air for special needs children on Staten Island?

12-year-old Lilly is worried for her older sister Anna-Marie. Their whole family is concerned right now.

“She has seizures so if she gets too hot she’ll have a seizure,” said Lilly Incantalupo

Parents claim there’s been a health hazard inside the Hungerford School in Stapleton, Staten Island. Classrooms, they say, have air conditioners but RoseAnna Incantalupo and her best friend Jeanne Englert said public places are too hot for kids.

“The problem is the stairways, the hallways, the elevators. And there are a lot of children in this school that are non ambulatory, my son being one of’s very dangerous for them to be in a climate like this,” said Englert.

Englert says she found out from her son.

“My son came home in a new set of clothing, he said he was sweating, he was very upset,” said Englert

The New York City Department of Education said in a statement, “Contractors are working on repairs to the central air conditioning system at the school and these should be completed today. We are working with the principal to ensure the building is as cool as possible for the students.”

But these moms say they’ve complained before but say nothing seems to be working.

“I’m scared, honestly I don’t like the idea of God forbid something happening to my child. It’s a scary situation when your child can’t walk, can’t talk, has a seizure disorder god forgive something happens,” said Incantalupo.

The DOE also said all classrooms have working air conditioners and that they are also are designing a new HVAC system and the design will completed at the end of the summer.