Great GoogaMooga turned Prospect Park into a great big mud pit, park advocates say

Posted at 6:52 PM, May 28, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-28 18:58:14-04

The Great GoogaMooga is known as much for its larger-thn-life outdoor concerts and food as for its outrageous name.

But this year, the outrage is coming from park advocates who say the two-day, foul-weathered affair  left a popular oasis in Prospect Park as a muddy mess.

“Some of the areas are so bad they’re just mud tracks now,” long time park advocate Ed Bahlman said. He tells us about two-thirds of the Nethermead Meadow is in distress. During our excursion with him, it was easy to find most of the pockmarks collecting rain water rather than repair work.

The Prospect Park Alliance retorted with a statement that reads: “We are in the process of conducting our landscape assessment and are working with Superfly {the GoogaMooga producer} to develop a plan to address the damage.”

Park leaders have said they hope the event, which took place May 17 and 18, returns next year.

It netted the  park $75,000 this year, which is great for GoogaMooga and the Park Alliance, but advocates say not so great for parkgoers.