Memorial Day Weekend off to a soggy start in Coney Island

Posted at 6:49 PM, May 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-25 18:49:45-04

This summer season is so important to the Coney Island community which was battered by Super Storm Sandy. They hope to build on some big momentum from last season when there were more than one million visitors.

But on what is normally a busy day here at the beach, so far they’re off to a slow start.

As people in Coney Island kicked off the Memorial Day Weekend, there were plenty of umbrellas at the beach.

But instead of blocking the summer sun, visitors used them to block the wind and rain.

At first glance it seemed like most of the amusements along the boardwalk were closed because of the weather. But the rides were running — with or without riders.

Pedro Fernandez was one of the few willing to ride the Cyclone, when it felt like an actual cyclone might appear at any moment.

“I mean, what’s the reason to come all the way out here from where we live at in Flushing, Queens to not come on the rides? That was the whole thing in coming out here,” he said.

Stefani Manowski had the same idea when she came up from Baltimore to visit for Memorial Day Weekend. But after wrestling with the weather she had second thoughts.

“We were hoping to get on a couple of rides, just to say we had the whole Coney Island experience, but I think we’re going to skip that today,” she said.

But most seemed to agree that there’s one Coney Island landmark that is perfect in almost any weather.

“We are going to get a Nathan’s hotdog because you can’t leave Coney Island without that.”

And just because Memorial Day weekend got off to a soggy start, let’s not forget, the holiday isn’t over yet.

“Monday should be like 74 they said, so I’m hoping that will salvage some of this weekend,” John Cartier of Staten Island said.