Why Wiener’s funding may be more important than voter approval

Posted at 9:36 PM, May 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-23 21:45:54-04

(NEW YORK CITY) – For the first time in three years Anthony Weiner was back on the campaign trail.

Trying hard to score one-on-one time with voters, “Just let me finish with this young man and I’ll come talk to you sir,” said Weiner.

At one point he pandered in Spanish to voter from a voting block that makes up nearly 30% of the city by saying in Spanish, “Education is very important.”

While the rest of New York woke up to the disgraced former Congressman splattered across the front page of the dailies with an unflattering headline once again, voters at the 125th and Lennox subway stop in Harlem saw Weiner on the first stop of his “mea culpa” tour, “I’ve apologized many times over and I will apologize to individual voters,” said Weiner at an impromptu news conference.

His supportive wife Huma Abedin, pregnant when the scandal that cost his congressional seat in 2010, was not at his side today.

When PIX 11 News inquired as to how pivotal she would be in helping turn the mindset of some women, Weiner said, “She’s everything to me and everything in my life.”  When pressed again as to how pivotal she will be in the campaign?, “I’ll leave the pundits to decide how pivotal she is.”

Several democratic operatives on Thursday confirmed a PIX 11 News report from 24 hours ago that stated the key for Weiner is to secure an endorsement from one of two game-changing surrogates, Senator Charles Schumer and Former Senator Hillary Clinton.  An endorsement will no doubt generate additional campaign donations.  Weiner’s take?  Not important, “I’ve never built a campaign on endorsements in my entire life and I’ve got a pretty good record of winning.”

And while it may be easy to show up and get some love in Harlem, it will be much more challenging for Weiner to show up to the Upper East Side where many tend to showcase their wealth and get much needed campaign dollars.

It’s important to note that five of the wealthiest twelve zip codes for political contributions in the U.S. according to Open Secrets.Org are in New York City.  Nearly all of the voters we spoke with inside the second wealthiest Zip Code, 10022 on the Upper East Side, said Weier wasn’t welcomed, “For what he’s trying to do there needs to be a standard and he’s lost that,” said one man.

“Never again, he made that mistake, I wouldn’t vote for him,” said another woman.