For Anthony Weiner, the biggest challenge may be the campaign within the campaign

Posted at 8:06 PM, May 22, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-22 20:18:30-04

(NEW YORK CITY) —  For Anthony Weiner, the biggest challenge may be the campaign within the campaign

There is nothing “accidental,” as some have described it, regarding a video of this caliber suddenly popping up. This is Weiner at his finest.  In front of the camera with his wife at his side,:”We love this city and no one will work harder than Anthony,” says Huma Abedin.

It also accomplished what it was intended to do: generate media attention.

However, the real campaign is mucher deeper and may prove to be even more challenging.

What he must deal with now is the campaign within the campaign.

Weiner is being forced to stump to get key surrogates to endorse him.  In particular, two surrogates that can cement his comeback:  Sen. Charles Schumer and former Sen.  Hillary Clinton.

“Absolutely,” says Democratic strategist Basil Smikle regarding whether or not their endorsement is a key factor and adding: “Because in the time that Anthony Weiner has been out of politics because of the scandal all of his opponents have been able to pick-up very key endorsements and key fundraising.”

Smikle worked with  Clinton for four years beginning in 1999. The Columbia professor also worked on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s final campaign.

Smikle already sees a bit of Clintonesque strategy playing out with Weiner but wonders if that support will ever come out of the shadows.

“So the question going forward? How public will some of that support be with the last few months remaining in this campaign and whether or not any sort of in-kind resources are going to be flowing to Anthony Weiner.”

While Weiner did no talking on Wednesday.  Democratic Mayoral frontrunner Christine Quinn did.  Although the New York City Council Speaker did not talk directly about Weiner, “This race, I don’t care who is in it, is about what the candidates have done for New York’s middle class and what our vision is for New York’s middle class moving forward and I don’t care who enters the race.”

As PIX 11 News first reported several weeks ago, sources say that Weiner has utilized the same pollster that helped newly elected Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti capture victory on Tuesday night.

So there is the potential for Weiner, who has hired a younger staff due to the long term financial impact of a campaign as well as the fact that many key operatives have already attached themselves to other campaigns, may parachute a handful of operatives from the Los Angeles race into New York City.

All this talk.  All this speculation.  And still Weiner hasn’t officially declared that he’s running.