PBA comes out defending shooter in Andrea Rebello’s death

Posted at 9:51 PM, May 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-21 22:06:01-04

(TARRYTOWN) – The emotional hurt is not only taxing to those close to last Friday’s shooting in the shadows of Hofstra University in Uniondale, but as well as to those in Tarrytown. This is where 21-year-old Andrea Rebello grew up.  It is also where she will be remembered and buried.  While Coffey Funeral Home was preparing for a procession of mourners for Tuesday evening’s wake, workers at a local floral shop were busy making arrangements and dropping them off. On days like these, they’d prefer that no arrangements are to be made. Which is why many are still questioning the killing of the Hofstra communications major.
Nassau County PBA President James Carver, however, strongly defended the officer involved in Rebello’s death and focused the criticism on career thug Dalton Smith.

“For what takes one minute out of our lives, a split second decision will now become second-guessed and criticized by those who never once went through a police academy, never responded to a man with a gun, never once responded to someone who needed help (while) putting their life on the line for others.”

The 30-year-old according to authorities held Rebello in a head lock shortly with a 9mm to her head shortly past 2 a.m. last Friday.  Once Nassau County PD made it inside the home Smith positioned Rebello as a shield. In a flash 8 shots were fired. Seven struck Smith, one hit Rebello.  Now as her funeral is set to take place Wednesday at St. Teresa de Avila in Sleepy Hollow, the PBA in Massau County is defending the actions of a 12-year-veteran officer who allegedly shot her.

“This was a tragic ending, and, once again, this is the responsibility of one person, the ex-con who should never have been released to the streets,” Carver said.