Mets pitcher who grew up in Okla.’s ‘Tornado Alley’ helps victims from NYC

Posted at 8:59 PM, May 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-21 20:59:34-04

The Mets teamed up with New York cares to launch the Mets volunteer challenge.

In an effort to get people involved in volunteer projects — the team is awarding them with Mets tickets and experiences.

Mets pitcher and Oklahoma native Jeremy Hefner was there to lend a hand.

“It has strong parallels with what happened here during Sandy with what happened back home with the Tornado,” Hefner said.  “I feel for my friends and family back home that have to go through this.”

He went to an elementary school that was destroyed in the tornado.

Hefner’s family lives in Moore but he has confirmed that everyone there is OK.