Was it possible to avoid shooting that left Hofstra student dead by police fire?

Posted at 10:48 AM, May 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-20 10:54:53-04

Questions continue to swirl around the deadly home invasion and shooting by police at an off campus house at Hofstra.  Andrea Robello was accidentally killed by a Nassau County cop when he shot the guy who was holding her hostage.

Hofstra’s graduation went on as planned Sunday but with heavy hearts following Fridays home invasion and shooting. The student died along with 30 year old Dalton Smith after police say the intruder burst into the rented home she shared with her twin sister and 2 others demanding cash.  Police now say an officer fired 8 shots inside the home while Dalton — who has an extensive criminal history — was holding the students hostage.

Dalton did not fire his gun but police say he did point his weapon at them. The unidentified officer fired eight shots with seven hitting Dalton and one striking Andrea Robello in the head.

It all came to light when Dalton let one of the girls go to an ATM to get more cash and she called cops who observed him inside with a gun on the hostages. On a radio transmission and officer could be heard saying “He has a gun pointed at them we need a supervisor.”

Now sources tell PIX11 detectives are looking at everything surrounding the case including whether drugs may have been involved.