Plenty of options for stranded Metro North commuters – just no good ones

Posted at 11:17 PM, May 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-20 23:17:47-04

The good news?

There are alternatives for the thousands of commuters scrambling to get to and from work while Metro-North and Amtrak struggle to restore full service.

The bad news?

As this commuter found out while waiting for Monday’s last New York to Boston Bolt bus none of those alternatives are ideal.

In fact – all of today’s, and most of Tuesday’s Boston-bound Bolt buses, are sold out.

“I tried yesterday and it was sold out. That’s why I’m traveling today. I always travel Amtrak, so it’s difficult. You have to find alternative transportation,” Veli Petkova told Pix11.

Budget minded travels need not look to the skies.

Booking a Jet Blue air shuttle tomorrow from JFK to Boston will cost you a whopping 5-hundred 24-dollars!

But that same exact flight –next Tuesday, comes in at less than half the cost at $200.

Go figure.