Hofstra students mourn student killed in home invasion, demand more off-campus security

Posted at 6:15 PM, May 17, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-18 14:10:07-04

UNIONDALE, NEW YORK (PIX11)–  “Public safety keeps a good track of who’s coming from where and what time at the front gate there’s always somebody there. You have to swipe in after 10 o’clock as far as the residence halls go you have to be signed in or swiped in,” says Hofstra senior Jacqueline Celiberti.

That is a stark difference from the security students say they receive living off campus.

“College students here get robbed at gunpoint all the time. It’s absolutely absurd,” said another student.

With Hofstra University and the Public Safety complex still in their line of sight many students who live off campus tell PIX11 students often become victims of muggings, break ins and robberies, “this happens all the time, people get robbed at gunpoint all the time, here and there and everywhere.”

Capture“You move into these homes thinking you’ll be safe and you’re not.”

Kelly Freund, one of our PIX11 writers, is an alumnus of Hofstra, having just graduated from the university in 2011.
She not only lived a few doors down from this recent tragedy, but also knew many of the people in that home.

Today she says she’s disturbed to learn not much has changed for students living just doors away from campus, “there have been incidents on campus before and how could this still be going on. How could they still allow these horrible things to happen, I mean I know it’s not their fault but there needs to be more security.  This can’t happen anymore,” says former student Kelly Freund.

Dana Klein is a current student, who lives off campus.

Her home was burglarized last year, but when she called Hofstra’s public safety for help she was told they couldn’t do anything for her since she didn’t live on campus.

“If they’re letting their students live off campus then they should be providing safety for those students off campus as well,” says student Dana Klein.

But nearly every student we spoke to believe the University still has a responsibility to uphold the safety of all their students.
Especially since the University even has an office dedicated to off campus housing, helping students find homes nearby.


Hofstra student Andrea Rebello killed in off-campus home invasion

Between undergrads and graduate students, nearly 10,000 students attend Hofstra University, but according to its own website, they don’t have room for everyone.

Hofstra’s 37 residence halls can only house about 3,800 students.
While the school was at one time largely a commuter school that has changed in recent years and more and more students have no other choice but to move off campus…

“You don’t have housing on campus so you allow them to live off campus.  Take care of them this should be your responsibility. You should want to patrol the streets; you should want to keep your students safe.”