Tribeca neighbors outraged after peeping photographer shoots images through living room windows

Posted at 2:23 PM, May 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-17 11:41:45-04

TRIBECA, New York (PIX11) – People who live in one Tribeca Building are outraged after learning a photographer who lives across the street has been taking their picture through his window. On top of that–they’re now up for sale in an area gallery.

Photographer Arne Svenson has been secretly shooting his neighbors for months from the second floor of 125 Watts street. The images are now on display at a Chelsea gallery.

The exhibition is called “The Neighbors,” and while the candids don’t show their faces, neighbors that live in the building are livid. They feel their private lives have been documented and displayed without their permission.
The manager of the building says most of the people in the photos found out they were being watched only after seeing themselves,  families and even their dogs online.

“Its unfortunate really the tenants found out online,” Manager Travis Kidd said. “He really should have gotten permission before he used them!”

The photos were shot through the large picture windows of the neighbor’s apartment building. They capture people in their private home doing private things. One woman is captured bending over and cleaning. Another features a man was tucking his children into bed. They’re now selling for thousands of dollars, and there’s nothing the people in the photos can do about it.

Experts say because the photographer didn’t show faces in these pictures it would be hard to press criminal charges.

The exhibition opened Saturday, and is getting plenty of media attention. If you check on Greenwich street today , most apartments now have their curtains closed tight and some say the show is over-they want their private lives back.